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Finding a Private Instructor

Why would you be looking for a private teacher?  Isn’t the band teacher enough to teach my child band?  Well, yes and no.  Yes, the band teacher is enough to give your child a great band experience.  However, if your child is really serious about studying and improving on his/her band instrument, then contracting a private specialist is a great asset in your child’s musical development.  The band director gives class instruction to a group of students that are, in many instances, larger than the traditional classroom sizes.  While every effort is made to give individual attention, it is often quite limited.  The one-on-one instruction provided by a private teacher once weekly can really help in the development of your child’s fundamentals and musicianship.  A private teacher can also be of great assistance for District and All-State band audition preparation.

Finding the right private teacher involves a personality as well as a performance goals fit.  Most of the time, the first private teacher you try will work out just fine.  However, it may not work out well because of personality differences or difficulty matching what the teacher expects and the student expects out of lessons.  Personality clashes often happen because of different approaches to learning and psychology.  It does not necessarily mean that personalities are “bad”, it may just mean it is not a match.  If you find yourself in this situation, feel free to look for another private teacher. 

However, your child must be committed to practicing every day for The Music Hutch Studio to be worthwhile.  This is the training component of the teaching/learning experience.  Without this commitment to personal training, The Music Hutch Studio are not near as valuable. 

The most common private lesson occurs weekly for 30 – 45 minutes.  Many studios require monthly payment in advance.  The private teacher sets aside time in his/her schedule and it is that time and expertise for which you are paying.  The Music Hutch Studio are most effective if taken weekly consistently over a long period of time.  Learning a musical instrument is a process and there are no quick fixes.  Trying an occasional lesson is not effective for the long term.  A teacher may point out a couple of issues to work on, but it takes consistent guidance to correct any issues completely.

Choosing private instruction will enable your child to reach a level of musicianship that can be amazing to watch develop.  It is a great gift to give to your child.

Here are a couple of studios that offer The Music Hutch Studio in North Fulton County:
(Click on the links for their web site)

Plato’s Music Studio
Music and Arts – Northpoint