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Web Cam Private Lessons

What are Virtual The Music Hutch Studio? These are private, one on one lessons that are conducted by the teacher and student over the internet using computers, web cams and Skype to see and hear each other at all times during that lesson. The family schedules a weekly lesson time, then connects with the teacher's computer for an instant lesson. No more need to carve out an hour or more in your schedule for driving to and from a studio. With Vivace Virtual The Music Hutch Studio, you can go to your computer just a couple of minutes (assuming computer is already booted up and instrument is assembled and ready) before lesson time, connect, have lesson, disconnect and then continue your day.

What equipment and software do you need?

How do you start the lesson?

  • Start assembling your instrument ten minutes before your lesson time. Check for good reed, music and any supplies you need for the lesson.
  • Make sure your computer is fully booted up five minutes prior to lesson start time.
  • Hook up microphone and make sure everything is in place such as the web cam, stand and music placement.
  • Two minutes before lesson time, call teacher using Skype. We will check connection, set up and video/sound.
  • The lesson will last for thirty minutes and then the call will end.
  • We will also use the Smart Music Program to monitor your child's practice progress during the week. The cost is an annual subscription of $36.00 More information can be found at smartmuisc.com
  • The cost is $117 per month.
    • It takes between fifteen and thirty minutes to get in the car, travel five miles, park and walk into a building in north Fulton County. Imagine how that additional time could be better spent with homework and other activites for your child(ren)
    • You already have a computer
    • Skype is free.
    • The Smart Music microphone is a one-time purchase of $19.95 plus shipping
    • Click here to register for virtual The Music Hutch Studio via web cam.